Stuffed Bed Bugs: Cute or Creepy?

While researching my previous post about the top 50 bed bug cities I kept coming across this image of a stuffed bed bug. Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued and I had to find out what kind of innovative/sick-minded company would actually make a stuffed sleeping pal in the form of a parasite that in reality causes nightmares and sleepless nights for thousands. I quickly traced its origins to  GIANT microbes by Drew Oliver, a website that offers not only bed bugs but also all of the disturbing stuffed pests you see here:

I personally find the stuffed animal bed bug quite creepy but the maggot and dust mite are kind of adorable, don’t you think? Be honest, would you cuddle with a stuffed bed bug?

GIANT microbe’s bizarre yet insanely original stuffed creations do not stop at pests.  As its name suggests, the company first and foremost sells: giant stuffed microbes.  They offer an impressive number of categories and varieties too, including everything from stuffed e. coli and salmonella cells to bad breath cells, brain cells, fat cells, the common coldgangrene, toxic mold and more. Each is a stuffed version of the actual microbe cell shape.

That said, I have to give a shout out to my personal favorite stuffed microbe category: the venereals.  Check out these warm and cuddly creations. After all, nothing says Happy 5th Birthday like a stuffed chlamydia.

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