Non-Toxic Spider Control

Question: We have a spider problem inside and outside. What can I do that is not toxic? -Cindy in CA

This is a great question about a very common problem and after consulting with Jill (one of the office experts!) I have an answer ready.

First of all, there is a surprisingly wide variety of non toxic pest control products available.  Do My Own Pest Control has several pages dedicated to natural and green pest control sprays, dusts, baits, granules, traps and repellents.  While these professional grade non toxic products can be a little more expensive than their toxic counterparts, in most cases they do the job just as well.

Before I recommend any insecticide products though, I want to point out that there are several things that can be done before using sprays or dusts.  This article here on How To Get Rid of Spiders includes a helpful section on non-pesticide measures for spider control  (including sanitation and exclusion) which you may want to look over.

There are 3 Basic Products we recommend for Total Spider Control:

First is Cobweb Eliminator (buy now).  Made of 100% natural ingredients, Dr. T’s Cobweb Eliminator should be sprayed anywhere that cobwebs are noticed. This spray gets rid of present webs and also leaves behind a stainless, odorless residue to discourage reformation of webs, which in turn discourages spiders from taking up residence.

The second product for your spider control arsenal are Trapper Insect Glue Boards (buy now).  Glue boards should be placed along walls in closets, inside cupboards, and under sinks to trap wandering spiders for additional control and to monitor your progress. The traps will also trap other bugs which will lure spiders in for a meal.  Traps can also help you to pinpoint some of the greatest problem areas where spiders may be entering your home.

The third product we recommend for indoor and outdoor perimeter application is a residual wettable powder,  Eco-PCO WP-X (buy now). This product  works just like the more popular conventional chemical insecticides such as  Tempo Ultra WP, Demon WP, Cynoff WP but with the advantage of being made from all natural botanical oils like rosemary, wintergreen and thyme.  Therefore, it is classified as a minimum risk pesticide. In fact all EcoPCO products are designed to be both effective and USDA National Organic Program compliant so you can safely use them around your home and family.

How to use EcoPCO WP-X  for general surface, spot, or crack and crevice non-toxic spider control:

  1. Fill a chemical applicator tank  about ½ full with water.  (The Chapin Premier 1 Gallon Sprayer is recommended.)
  2. Add desired amount of ECOPCO WP-X according to indications on product label
  3. Allow about 2 minutes for powder to wet
  4. Agitate tank by stirring or shaking
  5. Fill the tank the rest of the way with water and agitate again to ensure satisfactory suspension
  6. Apply in a wide band around the outside perimeter of your home as per the instructions for outdoor application listed on the product label, paying special attention to any cracks or openings in the walls or foundation.  Also apply indoors around baseboards, in corners, around doors and windows, and inside cracks and crevices.

Need More Information? Click to view the following:
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Eco PCO WP-X Label
Video demonstration on mixing  insecticides in the chemical sprayer

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