How To Monitor a German Roach Infestation With Pheromone Traps

I happen to know a thing or two about German Roaches. Not only did I grow up in the deep south, but I have also done my share of apartment living. Put these two locations together (apartment + the south) and you are pretty much asking for at least one good run around the block with roaches.

This is what I have learned about German Roaches specifically:

1-  They are among the most revolting, filthy, disgusting of insects to live with.

2- They are among the most challenging of insects to control and eliminate.

3- For every 1 german roach that you actually see, there are at least dozens and potentially even hundreds more that you don’t see.

German Roaches:  Never Just One
The maddening thing about German roaches is how quietly and almost invisibly they build their numbers before you even notice them.  These critters are sly, living in walls and creeping out in the night while you are sleeping, crawling up and under counter top rims and in between floor cracks so that is is nearly impossible to notice them. You might see a single roach one evening in your kitchen as you are about to turn out the light and so you think, “it’s just one roach, not a big deal”.  What do you do? Grab a paper towel, smash the little beast to smitherines and flush it down the toilet.  Most people would forget about the incident by the next morning.

With some of the larger black or brown roaches like American roaches or palmetto bugs, they are outside roaches so when you see one it is more than likely a stray that happened to get in. German roaches however are indoor roaches.  They seek human living spaces because of the constant food and water supply, and they procreate like mad.  If you are seeing one german roach, you are almost guaranteed to either already have a significant problem, or you are well on your way to having one.

How To Use Victor M330 Pheromone Traps
There are a lot of effective, professional grade German Roach products available to help conquer this kind of infestation. In this post I want to talk specifically about how you can use Victor M330 Roach Pheromone Traps to help monitor your infestation and knock it out.

As I stated above, it can be tricky to get a feel for how big your problem is already when you start seeing the first few roaches.   The Victor Pheromone traps are small boxes with a sticky floor that is double baited with both food scent lure and roach pheromone. The M330 model is particularly attractive to German roaches. The roaches will seek out the traps, enter one of three openings and find themselves stuck inside the trap where they will soon die.  The trap continues working until the box is either full of roaches or too full of dust and dirt to be effective (usually after one month of use).

After ordering a case of these traps from Do My Own Pest or other online pest control store, you will place them under your sink, under and behind appliances, in the back corners of closets and pantries, and high on top of cabinets. Keep in mind roaches keep to walls and corners, not in the middle of floors or other spaces.

Monitoring & Judging Your Infestation
You should check your pheromone traps periodically to see how many roaches you are catching. You will know you have a big problem if your traps are filling up fast, within days or weeks.  If that is the case, keep putting out traps! You are controlling your infestation and eliminating numbers so keep trapping until you aren’t catching anymore.  You might also want to use a roach bait and roach IGR (insect growth regulator) to speed up the process.

On the other hand, if several weeks have gone by and you’ve only caught a few roaches spread out over several traps, or none at all, you may be one of the lucky ones who caught the problem early before it became a full blown infestation.  You can either keep using the traps or put out some roach bait strategically throughout the problem area (wherever you saw the first one) to be safe.

In addition to the size of infestation you are facing, pheromone traps can also tell you where your infestation is the most heavy. For example, you might be catching a lot of roaches under you sink and fridge area, but hardly any in other kitchen areas or in an adjacent bathroom. You will know you don’t really need to keep putting traps or bother using other products in those areas where your traps stay empty.

Hope this was helpful to those considering using the Victor M330 Roach Pheromone Trap. You can also  learn more about this product and read reviews from other customers here.

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