ECOSmart Pest Products: one more way to go green.

These days it seems everyone is in for saving the planet. Just type “ways to go green” in google and you’ll see what I mean.  If you are just starting out with the green movement, you may want to keep it simple by checking out 10 Ways to Go Green, Easy Ways to go Green, or 8 Tiny Ways to Go Green.

If you are more ambitious you can step it up with 40 tips to go green.

Or if you’re feeling really crazy, I found one blogger suggests a whopping  365 ways to go green. That’s just one little change for every day of the year.

One thing I was rather sad to see left out of all the green tips is pest control.  I suspect that there are many people out there who are in desperate need of pest control but shy away from actually using it because of the harsh poisons and chemicals.  The truth is, pest control chemicals can be harsh, but they are completely safe when used according to the product label. Still, for those who are more environmentally conscious, you should be pleased to know there is another option.

EcoSMART Technologies -a world leader in organic pesticides- has manufactured an entire line of superior organic and natural pest control products that guarantee “proven efficacy, superior performance, broad-spectrum activity, minimal environmental and mammalian toxicity, and competitive pricing”, or your money back.

What are the advantages of using EcoSMART organic pest control products?

  • EcoSMART products have a unique and patented mode of action that targets insects, but not people or pets.
  • EcoSMART products have an unprecedented margin of safety
  • EcoSMART products are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of inset pests.
  • EcoSMART products are cost effective and easier to use than conventional products.
  • EcoSMART products are perfect for all accounts, not just sensitve accounts.
  • Unlike other botanical pesticides, EcoSMART’s active ingredients are based on distinct combinations of different plant essential oils that significantly enhance the activity of these oils against insects.
  • EcoSMART products are available in granules, dusts, aerosols, flushing agents, and more, to fit your specific pest control needs.

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