Merry Christmas from Chuck

Believe it or not, Chuck the bedbug is real and he lives in our office.  The arm he is feasting upon belongs to my little brother. Sick, yes, I know. To read Chuck’s heartwarming story and learn how he came to … Continued

We have arrived…

…in the Land of High-Tech-ness and Cool-osity. Remember this photo of a bed bug feeding on the arm of one of our staff?  Well that was cool. But when we saw it we all knew it was not as cool … Continued

The Bed Bug Diaries part 3: A Friend for Chuck

When a not-to-be-named customer stopped into the office nearly a month ago with a live bed bug specimen in a rubbermaid container, life in the office changed in ways none of us could have imagined. Things got a little more … Continued

Don’t lose your lunch.

Several days ago, our company president Michael allowed a live bed bug to feed on his arm.  Here is the photo.  This bed bug is actually in the process of feeding.  The bright red color you see is not the … Continued

The Bed Bug Diaries: Part 2

Last week I told the story of how we acquired a bed bug as an office pet. Well, now I am back to report the most recent and grossly disturbing development. It all began Tuesday around 5:15 pm, on what … Continued

Speaking of bed bugs…

We have one in the office. And it’s not dead. No lie. I am kinda freaking out about this. A customer brought it in last week in a tupperware container. While I have spent hours upon hours researching bed bugs, … Continued