The Many Wonders of Sterifab: A Product Review

The Problem: Mold, Mildew, and Booklice We’ve had booklice living on and around every window in our town home for the past two years. They are so small that I didn’t even realize we still had them after all this … Continued

Allergy and Dust Proof Mattress Covers

My two year old was recently diagnosed with severe dust allergies. The allergist recommended we encase all of our mattresses and pillows in dust-proof covers and proceeded to hand me an info sheet from which I could order. The covers … Continued

Get Rid of Silverfish Kit

I just saw that one of our customers asked a question on facebook about silverfish control.  I have lived in several houses and apartments that had silverfish infestations.  You know the ones… the shiny, silver elongated little wisps of alien … Continued

How to Remove Household and Rodent Odors

Got Stink? We’ve all been there. You walk into your house after having been exposed to some fresh air and realize something just doesn’t smell right. A lot of the time the source can be identified and removed, as with … Continued

Havahart: The Humane Rat Trap

We sell a lot snap traps and glue traps for rodent control, but it can be a difficult truth for many people that these kinds of traps control by death. Most of our customers are so desperate to get rid … Continued

Petcor Flea Spray for Dogs

“What can I use on my dog for fleas?” Petcor Flea Spray is one product for flea treatment that is safe for direct application to your dog.  It is labeled for cats as well, but after reading some of the Petcor … Continued

How To Use Fly Ribbons

What is a fly ribbon? Fly Ribbons are just one of the many different kinds of fly traps.  The fly ribbon looks a long, narrow piece of tape and contains fly lure.  It can easily be hung on walls or from … Continued

How To Use the Chapin Premier Sprayer

I recently encouraged homeowners to get on top of quarterly pest control.   Applying a pesticide spray to the outside perimeter of your home every three months goes a long way in preventing infestations and keeping your home pest free. … Continued

Are you keeping up with your quarterly pest control?

Many of the calls we get here at Do My Own Pest Control are from customers who don’t necessarily have any specific bug problem.  Instead they are looking for a good preventative chemical that can be applied periodically for year … Continued