Top 10 Perks of Working for Do My Own Pest Control:

It’s definitely good to be a DMOPCer.   Why? …. #10 –   Free Pallet Rides       #9 -“Surprise” desserts at holiday parties (in this case, ranch flavored and chocolate covered crickets and larvae)     #8 – Warehouse … Continued

Catchmaster Maxcatch GIANT Glue Boards

This photo was recently submitted by one of our fabulous customers. I saw this on our facebook page and was impressed. Mostly because I did not even know that GIANT sized  Catchmaster Maxcatch traps existed! I have been using the … Continued

Gourmet Ant Bait Gel Product Review

A shout out here to Lucy of Closer to Lucy for a great write-up and review of  Gourmet Ant Bait Gel! Thanks Lucy! Read her post on her personal experience with Do My Own Pest Control and find out just … Continued

The customer is always right.

It is one thing to earn an award decided by a small panel of people.It is quite another to earn an award decided by the satisfaction of over 10,000 customers. Do My Own Pest Control is honored to have been … Continued