Shoo, Fly! How to Get Rid of Those Annoying House Flies

  I was once a barista at a coffee shop – a wonderful, lovely place. Except in the summer. The flies would come in droves, attracted to the back door (near the dumpsters) and, as it was warm, we would … Continued

How To Use Fly Ribbons

What is a fly ribbon? Fly Ribbons are just one of the many different kinds of fly traps.  The fly ribbon looks a long, narrow piece of tape and contains fly lure.  It can easily be hung on walls or from … Continued

Natural, Non-Toxic Fly Control

For those who are not comfortable having traditional fly bait hanging near their homes where it may be potentially accessible by non-target animals or children, there are several natural and non-toxic products available for fly control. While browsing the Do … Continued

How To Get Rid of Flies

Whether you have house flies, drain flies, fruit flies, or any other kind of flies in your home, office, or business, Do My Own Pest Control has all of the professional fly control products you need to get rid of … Continued

Golden Malrin Fly Bait

Golden Malrin Fly Bait (buy now) is the #1 selling bait in America for fly control. You may also have heard it referred to as Golden “Marlin” bait. When scattered near problem areas (such as dumpsters) or used in conjunction … Continued

Flies Crashing Your Party?

Is it even possible to have an outdoor lunch or dinner party in the summer with all those pesky flies buzzing around?  Seriously, how appetizing are hamburgers and watermelon slices going to be to your guests with flies landing on … Continued

Flyweb Fly Light Trap

We are moving yet again and the biggest problem I am having is that when my husband carries a load of boxes to the car, the door has to be left open and we always end up with 5 or … Continued