Non-Toxic Spider Control

Question: We have a spider problem inside and outside. What can I do that is not toxic? -Cindy in CA This is a great question about a very common problem and after consulting with Jill (one of the office experts!) … Continued

How To Choose the Right Ant Bait

When it comes to ant control, the large number of ant baits on the market can be quite intimidating.  You may have felt a bit confused wondering which is best and where you should put your money. The ant bait … Continued

Flies Crashing Your Party?

Is it even possible to have an outdoor lunch or dinner party in the summer with all those pesky flies buzzing around?  Seriously, how appetizing are hamburgers and watermelon slices going to be to your guests with flies landing on … Continued

The Incredible (Edible?) Ant

Just in case you have been guilty of underestimating the ant, you ought to watch the following video where researchers uncover a massive and complex subterranean ant city. This is really pretty amazing. If you think that is cool, you … Continued

Phantom Aerosol Spray Review

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently applied Phantom Aerosol for roaches in my own apartment. This was my first time using Phantom and I was pleased with how easy it was to use and safe to apply. … Continued

Why Apartments Make Me Paranoid.

Over the past 5 years my husband and I have moved nearly a dozen times, 8 of those being apartment situations. We recently moved to yet another apartment within the past two weeks. As usual I have been an emotional … Continued