Mouse or Rat?-Rodent Identification

The majority of  our rodent control products (excluding poisons) pretty much come in two sizes: small for mice and large for rats.   The difference in size is because mice are small and rats are large. Phew, that was complicated… everyone … Continued

Ant or Termite?

As termite season approaches it is crucial that homeowners be on the lookout for signs of termite activity, particularly if they have experienced termite infestation in the past. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for homeowners to mistake a few stray … Continued

Termite Pick-up Lines

Got termites? View our selection of professional grade do-it-yourself termite control products to help you get rid of termites.

Tackle Termites with Termidor

Termidor SC (buy now) is a professional and powerful termiticide that has for years been the industry standard in termite control.  Termidor provides both present and future home protection. When applied correctly Termidor eliminates almost any termite infestation in 90 … Continued