A More Humane Mouse Trap

It’s okay. You can admit it.  As much as you recoil at the thought of hairy little mice scampering across your kitchen at night and leaving behind a lovely trail of droppings for house guests to spot in the middle … Continued


Advertising folk are always coming up with some crazy new way of marketing products and services to the public. This new trend definitely fits the crazy bill but the jury is still out on how effective bugvertising really is. The … Continued

Rodent Traps

If you are new to rodent trapping, you may be intimidated by all the different kinds of traps out there. There are traditional snap traps, multiple-catch mouse traps, and rodent glue boards. But what are the differences and which one … Continued

Catchmaster Glue Boards

Catchmaster Glue Boards are non-poisonous sticky glue traps for mice and insects. The Catchmaster glue board puts off the fragrance of peanut butter which is attractive to both mice and insects searching for food.  These glue boards can lie completely … Continued

Mouse Glue Traps

What is a glue trap? A mouse glue trap is a flat piece of cardboard covered in specially designed sticky glue intended to be placed against walls and floors where mice or rats travel. Many of our customers prefer glue … Continued

Mouse Control Products

The task of getting rid of mice may seem daunting, but it is easier than you think with the professional quality mouse control products and expert rodent advice offered at DoMyOwnPestControl.com. Buy mouse control products now OR… Enjoy this excerpt … Continued

Merry Christmas from Chuck

Believe it or not, Chuck the bedbug is real and he lives in our office.  The arm he is feasting upon belongs to my little brother. Sick, yes, I know. To read Chuck’s heartwarming story and learn how he came to … Continued

When to use Fastrac Blox

Sometimes the hardest part of choosing a rodent bait is fully understanding the differences between top baits such as Contrac, Final, and Fastrac.  All are effective but each is unique in its own way and better for specific situations.  I … Continued

Rat Baiting Tips

New to rat baiting? There is an article with some great rat baiting tips, including: *Always use rat bait that is fresh. Rodents will avoid old, moldy, or insect-ridden baits * Before baiting, try to eliminate alternate food sources as … Continued

Contrac Blox: A Safer Rodent Bait

Contrac Blox is currently our most popular rat bait, primarily because it works and it is by far the safest rodent bait for residential use. Many of our customers are homeowners trying to save a buck by doing their own … Continued